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50 Years Young

November 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of Premier Printing. In 1962, Gerry Kuik first opened the doors of Premier Printing in a 136 square foot shop on Bond Street in the heart of downtown Transcona. Fifty years later, we proudly work in a 75,000 square foot facility in the St. Boniface Industrial Park. We're proud of our history and feel blessed to have witnessed the changes in our industry in over five decades. We intend to be a part of that history for many more decades to come. 

Our printing skills start with people skills.

Our business may be printing, but our presses would be pretty rusty without excellent customer service.

We know how important the final product is for businesses — that's why we make sure we're always communicating with our clients to achieve a great product.

A fair price – the first time!

We realize that you are running a business and that you can spend every dollar only once. We remain committed to providing you with fair pricing the first time, every time. We don't play games with the prices we offer. We also remain committed to protecting the interests of all of our clients. The benefits of this commitment is that we very comfortably operate as both a commercial and trade printer. From handling large commercial (B2C) jobs to the most critical of trade (B2B) jobs, we're flexible and trustworthy for any printing project.