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Know Your Folds

Like the images you chose or the fonts that you use, how you fold your brochure should be an essential design element considered from the outset.

Factoring in the number of panels and envisioning how they will work together will typically determine the best choice of fold.

Since there are so many different folding options to contemplate, we have created a visual list of the most commonly used choices for you to consider.

Download a quick guide to fold types here.

Folding Configurations

In addition, you can also use this free online template building utility to assist you in your template building process if you're using Adobe InDesign. Once you give it a try, you might just find it invaluable. 

Fold Factory

You will need to create an account — which is free — in order to access this utility.
Once you have access to the utility, enter the type of fold, the number of panels, the finished or flat sheet size, and options that are available for that particular fold, and click “Build template”.

The result is a link is provided to an InDesign file (front and back) with all the marks and guidelines in place to build your project. How easy is that? This can be huge timesaver for you and possibly the prepress department resulting in cost savings and happy folder operators. It's a win win for everyone involved.

See screen shots below.

Web Interface

Foldrite Template Builder

Resulting Indesign template

Foldrite Template Builder

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